Instruction for Mapping Toronto Condo Boom Part 1: Data Preparation

Lab 3.1: Mapping Toronto Condo Boom Part 1: Data Preparation

This lab is the first part in a series of two labs to map all building projects completed in 2014 in Toronto with more than 10 dwelling units.


In this first lab we will normalize the data in preparation of the lesson 5 lab, where we will geocode the data and load them in a mapping service


Before enriching the Toronto Building Permits dataset from the lesson 1 lab, we need to prepare it.  For each year prepare and export the following fields:

  • PERMIT_NUM. This field should contains a unique value. In case of duplicate permits number, we will keep the revision that create the most unit.

  • ADDRESS in one field with the STREET_NUM ; STREET_NAME ; STREET_TYPE and STREET_DIRECTION and by adding the city and country name: ” Toronto, Canada”

  • postal

  • permit type

  • structure type

  • issue date

  • completed date

  • status

  • number of dwelling unit created
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