Lesson 2 Lab Answers

If you use a most recent version of the data set from Toronto open data portal your answer might differ.

Question 1: How many projects exist for the postal code M1G?

Answer: 119


Question 2: In the postal code M1G, how permits type are there for “Plumbing”?

Answer: 35


Question 3: What is the longest text for “Structure_Type” and how many characters does it contains?

Answer: College/Trade/Tech School/Training Cent. with 41 characters


Question 4: How many conditional permit (permits type) have no structure type defined?

Answer: 63


Question 5: What is the permit number of the oldest application?

Answer: 86 251028 BLD


Question 6: How much does the most expensive project cost?

Answer: 185,000,000.00


Question 7: How many unique permit number there is new buildings (column work) only with more than 100 dwelling units

Answer: 27 (06 105302 BLD  and 10 224245 BLD are listed twice)

If select all new building 131 unique permit for 143 rows


Question 8: When was the latest permit issued?

Answer: 2014-12-31


Question 9: Which day received the most applications

Answer: 2012/10/09 with 313 applications (use text facet, sort by count)


Question 10 : Look for the permit number 00 137770 CMB. Then sort by permit number (text a -z) and then with the lowest revision number first and reorder row permanently. What happen

Answer: lowest revision number is not listed before position in 23 instead of 24.

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